About LCR Connected

Digital Connectivity is vital to the way we live and work, which is why it’s our mission is to make the Liverpool City Region’s buildings smarter and better connected, to enable a more collaborative, innovative and dynamic future.

LCR Connected, is the Liverpool City Region’s most comprehensive database of digital connectivity. Put simply, we are a search engine to help you find the digital status of offices and homes, their connectivity availability and speeds available.

LCR Connected is a not-for-profit community project, run by volunteers of the Liverpool Internet Exchange.  The data for this project comes from lists held by our membership (of properties that they have enabled) and volunteers who collate the information from tenants and property owners. The information that we provide is based not on rough, ideal environments, but real-world usage that is based on feedback from communication providers, landlords and more importantly the end-users.

Additionally, landlords can opt to have their buildings obtain “Certified Status” so end-users can gain assurance from an independent certification process.


This project started out in 2016 with our own frustrations when searching for a property, only to later find out that the Broadband was so bad, the property was useless to us.

What if we had a search engine that we could look up the details of property first, letting us know how good the infrastructure was in the area, but more importantly, discover the providers that are present in the property, what speeds they are offering how good the Broadband was in that property.

As IX Liverpool is a collective of Internet Providers in the LCR Region, it made sense to ask our membership to provide anonymous data on their installations, properties that they have provided to, but also the tenants who are the end users that really matter, so LCR Connected was born.

LCR Connected is a project that has a limited but growing data set being fed from a handful of members, however this is expected to grow rapidly later on in the year.

We are always on the lookout for data sources from non-members, public bodies and planners. We are also keen for more volunteers to join the project who can help collect, catalog and collate the incoming raw data as well as helping to keep this site operational. If you are interested in joining the team, please email contact at ixliverpool.net.