Add Data to the LCR Database

We rely on landlords, tenants, councils and telecoms companies to provide us with important data that helps build up the LCR connected map.  You can submit data to us, via email (if a single property) or a spreadsheet containing a separate property on each row.

If you wish to submit data, we ask for quite a bit so that users of this data can have confidence in our database while being as extensive as possible, so if you can, please supply the below information with every submission:

  • The full address including postal code along with a photo of the street entrance to the property, ideally showing the property number/name
  • If the property is a business, home or student premises
  • A picture of the Broadband socket or connection point within the property with your computer connected to it and the name of the internet provider present 
  • 3 photos showing a device on the speedtest website (connected using a cable if possible) all at different times in the day with three hours between them (so that we can do a rough average)


  • Provide us with ping tests to the BBC website, and if you use Counter-Strike:GO, the ping test results to the UK server
  • Feedback, from up to 3 users at the property, ideally people who have had long term experience of the speeds there and use it every day
  • If the premises is a business, the square footage and number of floors

Please send such detail to