Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to use LCR Connected?

No, it’s free of charge and supported by IX Liverpool Limited (AKA The Liverpool Internet Exchange) who’s volunteers keep it updated, but we do charge building owners/landlords if they wish for their building to be certified.

IX Liverpool are a not-for-profit company founded in 2016 and is limited by guarantee. Put simply, it is a “collective” organisation ran by it’s members who are local Internet providers, digital companies and others working together as a single force to benefit the entire Liverpool City Region.

What is Certified Status?

It is a digital connectivity rating that is performed independently for the building that is designed for both landlord and tenant.  In short, we charge to independently assess a buildings digital capability using an agreed framework that was designed by our members. Once an assessment has been completed, it will be issued a star rating from 1 to 5 and a certificate issued to display within the building.

All assessments use an evidence based system that is submitted to a panel for consideration, then signed off by an external independent audit officer.  Once completed, the building is assessed annually.

The scheme is designed to give confidence to landlords and tenants that every building has gone through a rigorous and robust process examination.

You can read more about how the scheme works at the IX Liverpool Website. 

How do I know that this data is accurate and reliable?

Buildings that are displayed with a certified status are done through a rigorous process as explained above, therefore this should provide you with confidence that the information is correct.

You should exercise caution over non-certified buildings as such information has not been certified by us as it was provided by a third party, however landlords of such buildings can apply for certified at anytime.

I’m a landlord/builder owner who has notice poor feedback about my building, what can I do about it?

If poor feedback has been given to us by your tenants, generally you should work with your tenants to first understand why they are posting such feedback, then if required, work to improve the connectivity options within your building.  You should consider contacting all of our members to obtain quotes for improving things, then consider obtaining a Certified Status Rating so that you can show improvement and show that it’s been inspected by an independent party.